Terason Launches uSmart® 3300 Ultrasound System

Teratech Corporation has announced the launch of the new uSmart 3300 Ultrasound System. This conventional portable ultrasound system is a fusion of Smart Technology and Smart Resolution Imaging, delivering an what the company’s Terason division calls an intuitive system with elite performance in shared service, hospital and outpatient sectors of point-of-care ultrasound.


The uSmart 3300 system is the second in the Terason uSmart family of proprietary products released in the past year. It features the latest in technology, including a 1 TB Hybrid Hard Drive, ultra-wide viewing angles of 170º, and a high-contrast, long-life liquid crystal display will ensure the system is consistently at peak performance. Smart Resolution Imaging is a combination of Terason’s CDP beam former technology and unique IIR signal processing, producing an image with heightened clarity and definition.

The company says reliable and responsive high-quality buttons and a durable, impact-resistant design for added protection are coupled with ergonomic soft key positioning and toggle buttons which reduce keystrokes providing better productivity, efficiency and diagnostic confidence.

Company comments

Jeff Sirek, General Manager of Global Operations for Terason, states, “The uSmart 3300 is the second release in our Terason uSmart family of products and further enhances Terason’s ability to offer a complete portable ultrasound solution to our users. The release reinforces our commitment as a full-service commercial portable ultrasound provider and will assist in our global efforts to expand the Terason brand.”

“The uSmart 3300 represents the latest in technology while providing a strong value proposition for our customers. The expansion of our product portfolio provides access to new market segments both in the hospital and outpatient sector” added Sirek. 

Source: Terason, Business Wire

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