Planmed’s Newly CE Marked Extremity CT Scanner Delivers Fast, Accurate, Low Dose 3D Imaging


Finnish imaging company Planmed Oy has announced that its Planmed Verity, a new, mobile extremity scanner for orthopedic imaging of the extremities has gained CE mark approval and is now available for sale in the EU and many other countries where the CE certificate permits sales.

Fast, Accurate, Low-Dose 3D Imaging

Planmed Verity Extremity Scanner utilizes cone-beam CT (CBCT) technology that provides fast and accurate low-dose 3D imaging of peripheral skeletal fractures and disorders at the point-of-care. The compact, mobile device can be easily sited in any existing X-ray room, side-by-side with other imaging systems.

The company claims its innovation provides volumetric 3D imaging for accurate and fast diagnosis with a substantially lower radiation dose compared to conventional CT imaging. During the scan, which takes less than 20 seconds, images are acquired using a short X-ray pulse instead of continuous radiation. This enables a low radiation dose.

Adaptable for Weight Bearing and Patient Friendly

For optimum patient comfort the Planmed Verity features an adaptable, soft-surfaced gantry with a TearDrop™ -shaped bore, optimised for orthopedic imaging. The gantry and positioning trays are easily adjustable for imaging for example a foot, ankle, knee, hand, wrist, or elbow. Furthermore, special gantry movements allow weight-bearing 3D scans of a standing patient, a new way of extremity imaging which has not been possible with conventional CT scanners.

Company comments 

“As an all new approach to imaging of extremities, the Planmed Verity system has already raised a lot of interest within the field of orthopedic imaging. Now the pending system deliveries can begin”, says Mr. Vesa Mattila, Vice President of Planmed Oy.

Source: Planmed Oy