Self-sterilising medical devices: the future?

┬áParticle Sciences Inc. (PSI), a leading pharmaceutical CRO, has received Notice of Allowance for a method of sterilizing medical devices. The patent covers the notion of using free radical generating moieties in or on the medical device. Free radicals are, of course, an effective mode of sterilization. So, as an example, a catheter coated with a free radical generating particle would, upon the proper stimulation, generate surface free radicals eliminating any early biofilm that might be forming. Ultraviolet light delivered to the catheter would be an example of a viable energy source to stimulate free radical production. According to Mark Mitchnick, CEO of Particle Sciences, “Particle Sciences is a technology driven organization. We have applied for over 10 patents in the past several years either on our own or as co-inventors on behalf of our clients. In addition, we have in-licensed several key patent families in the area of drug delivery and are considering additional technology acquisitions. This specific idea flowed from our drug-eluting medical device work and our background in photochemistry. As a drug delivery CRO, however, this technology is a bit out of our area of focus. Because of that, we will look for an opportunity to out license the patents which have both US and EU approval.”

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Source: Particle Sciences Inc