Heart Attack Detection Better with AI

PMcardio Queen of Hearts app being used on iPhone

Powerful Medical, Inc. has unveiled what it calls a significant advancement in the fight against heart disease. The aptly named Queen of Hearts AI-powered clinical assistant is now the first certified solution proven to outperform doctors in detecting heart attacks. As such the company says it sets a new benchmark in heart attack diagnosis..


Heart attacks remain the leading killer globally, with delayed or missed diagnoses contributing significantly to mortality rates. Furthermore traditional diagnostic methods, focused on the STEMI/NSTEMI criteria, are said to miss about 30% of acute heart attack patients. Importantly this highlights the need for more accurate and prompt detection, says PMcardio’s recent news release.

PMcardio is the market leader in AI-powered diagnostics, addressing cardiovascular disease, the world’s leading cause of death. Moreover the company’s innovative clinical assistant empowers healthcare professionals to detect up to 40 cardiovascular diseases. In the form of a smartphone application, the certified Class IIb medical device interprets any 12-lead ECG image in under 5 seconds. It provides accurate diagnoses and individualised treatment recommendations tailored to each patient.

Detecting a Heart Attack more quickly

PMcardio, leveraging insights from a database of over 500,000 patients. As a result it can detect a heart attack with double the sensitivity compared to the current standard care. Furthermore this AI model can identify heart attacks from ECG up to three hours earlier than human physicians.

The innovative clinical assistant demonstrated effectiveness in extensive clinical trials involving more than 20,000 patients. Over 60 global centers, including renowned institutions are currently testing the system in pilot proograms. These include the Minneapolis Heart Institute, Christ Hospital, Prairie Hospital, and Cardiovascular Center, Aalst, Belgium. With over 2,500 hospitals on the waiting list, PMcardio is on track to transform heart attack diagnosis on a global scale.

Company comments

Martin Herman, CEO of Powerful Medical talks about the potential for the system in heart attack detection. He says “Each year emergency departments admit around 3 million patients with chest pain in the United States. The total economic cost of heart attacks exceeds $150 billion annually. Through our clinical trials, we have demonstrated that the Queen of Hearts can significantly reduce these costs by enabling accurate diagnosis and prioritization of patients.” 

PMcardio is launching its Queen of Hearts AI model in Europe and is advancing towards FDA authorization.

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Source: Globe Newswire

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