Miracor Proclaims Successful PICSO® System Use In UK STEMI Patient

In short

Austrian device company Miracor Medical Systems GmbH has announced that its PICSO® System has been used in the UK for the first time since it was CE marked, to treat a patient with a large acute heart attack (STEMI).


Interventional cardiologist Dr. Magdi El-Omar performed the PICSO procedure at Manchester Royal Infirmary (Manchester, England). His patient, a 38-year-old female, has been discharged from the hospital.

Miracor has spotted a clear unment need, identifying the fact that despite optimum primary Primary Coronary Intervention, mortality and morbidity following a STEMI event remains sizable. Miracor believes primary PCI alone is not enough to eliminate the risk for future cardiovascular events. The company’s Pressure-controlled Intermittent Coronary Sinus Occlusion (PICSO®) Impulse System offers a new and innovative approach to reduce myocardial injury and to revitalise ischaemic myocardium. We’ve covered the clever technology on our site before, most recently here with an update on its clinical study progress.

Physician comments

“PICSO has the potential to become standard of care in patients presenting with acute STEMI who may benefit from this technology as a complementary procedure following PCI. By favorably redistributing blood towards ischemic myocardium, PICSO may limit infarct size and thus reduce adverse outcomes, including heart failure, which occur in up to two in five of these patients despite a successful percutaneous coronary intervention procedure” said Dr. El-Omar.

Company comments

“A successful coronary angioplasty is not adequate in up to 40 percent of STEMI patients in whom suboptimal myocardial reperfusion still persists, despite achievement of normal epicardial vessel flow. This unsatisfactory outcome is unequivocally linked to adverse outcomes in these patients, including death and heart failure,” said Jon H. Hoem, Miracor CEO. “Results like those obtained by Dr. El-Omar are critically important as we establish the clinical necessity for the PICSO procedure as a requisite complement to PCI in severe heart attack patients. Clinical use of the PICSO technology in normal care will shorten the learning curve for Miracor and our key opinion leaders thereby improving outcomes and reduce health care costs long term. In addition to routine use of the PICSO technology, our 40-patient ‘Prepare RAMSES’ is underway and expected to further demonstrate that PICSO considerably amplifies redistribution of blood into the blood-starved myocardium of severe heart attack patients, even after a successful PCI procedure,” added Hoem.

Souirce: Miracor Medical Systems GmbH