Brandon Medical’s Brilliant New LED Exam Light Solution

Leeds, UK-based Brandon Medical is launching a new range of LED examination lights that it claims are the most advanced of their type available anywhere in the World.


Brandon Medical says its feature-packed Coolview CLED23™ examination lamp has been designed from the ground up to provide uncompromising lighting performance for clinicians. It is easy to manoeuvre into place, has been specifically designed to aid infection control and has simple intuitive controls.

Pitched at dermatology, general practice, gynaecology and ICU departments, Brandon Medical says the CLED23™ provides exceptional performance in today’s demanding clinical environments.

So let’s examine the claims: Firstly, because clinicians need to be able to distinguish between different tissue conditions in order to perform accurate diagnosis, the LED technology of the CLED23™ features changeable colour temperature settings which can simulate warm white and daylight. For illumination of more intricate areas the Coolview CLED23™ provides a very bright 60,000 lux of intense light, providing a wide pool of light. The intensity of the light can be altered through 4 easily selectable settings providing a suitable level of intensity for a wide range of procedures.

The company also points to the best-in-class manouevrability of its Coolview CLED23™. The unrestricted lamp head rotation of 360° coupled with 1200mm long arm reach allows the user to position the light beam to suit any procedure without restrictive stops and twisting cables. Ceiling mounted versions also have unrestricted rotation around the ceiling mounting pole.

As a protective measure against infection in the clinical environment, CLED23™ uses an anti-microbial active substance which is moulded into the lamp head inhibiting the growth of micro organisms. This is more than just an external coating and ensures the lamp is permanently resistant to cross-infection. The lamp head is designed to be fully enclosed with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. Furthermore it is sealed to IP43 standard against ingress of dirt and moisture.

To highlight the versatility of its system, Brandon Medical tells us that some Nurses use examination lights to reflect a soft ambient light from the ceilings in special care baby units, so the new CLED23™ has been designed to specifically to provide this.

Source: Brandon Medical

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