International Vascular Endoscopy Course, 2011

At medlatest we try to make mention of as many congresses as we encounter which are relevant to clinicians.  The trouble is, we get rather bored by the repetitive nature of the content of the welcome letter, which is supposed to get the juices flowing of the target audience.  To be frank, they could almost all be done from the same template, and must include the key words, “educational”, “social”, “peer group/colleagues”, “advances”… you know the kind of thing.  That’s obviously because organisations with common interest have only got so much to talk about, and most of those things fall under these headings.

So, being natural innovators and creative/visual type people we were refreshed to see the welcome page for the recent International Vascular Endoscopy Course which took place in Milan between October 27th and 29th.  It kind of says it all and can be found here.

Future courses and congresses are welcome to enter our informal competition for most appealing welcome notes by sending them to us in the knowledge that they will get published.

Source: medlatest staff