Medica Sees Launch of Breakthrough Ammonia Detection Device

BreathDX will unveil two new breath ammonia measurement devices at MEDICA 2017.


Ammonia in the breath is linked with conditions ranging from stomach ulcers (eg H. pylori) to metabolic issues and hepatic encephalopathy. Breath ammonia monitoring is rare due to the cost and complexity associated with the detection instruments.

The AmBeR® and AmBeR® Clinical devices measure highly accurate ammonia levels in just eight breaths and are the most viable, cost-effective alternative to blood-based tests.  The company says its devices make it easy to test more frequently and can be used in all clinical environments, or in the home for patients who are required to constantly monitor their blood ammonia levels.

Clinical evaluations have now commenced in a number of UK hospitals to demonstrate that ammonia measurements have the same level of accuracy as standard blood-based tests. The point of care AmBeR® devices use a custom designed impedance circuit and airflow module. The devices incorporate inexpensive disposable printed sensors based on nanotechnology to provide the fast, accurate and quality analysis.

The AmBeR® device can be used in both homes and hospital as a noneedle solution for ammonia testing. AmBeR® Clinical is suitable for R&D or where large volumes of patients and sampling regimes are required. It has the same functionality as AmBeR®, as well as having greater control and can be customised through an external software interface.

BreathDX currently has devices in clinical evaluations, will shortly install AmBeR® systems in patients’ homes and has secured significant investment from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The company also has a worldwide licence agreement with Dublin City University (DCU) for access to the innovative AmBeR® technology.

The Medica conference and expo takes place November 13- 16, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Company comments

Professor Tony Killard, who developed the technology during his time at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute at Dublin City University, stated; “We’ve already received a very positive response to AmBeR from medics, researchers and industry bodies, who have welcomed its ability to allow patients easy every day testing and help companies perform critical research.”

Killard, Chief Technology Officer at BreathDX said: “After more than a decade of development and significant research investment, we are delighted to bring AmBeR® to market. MEDICA 2017 offers the perfect platform to launch the devices. As Europe’s most comprehensive medical trade fair, it draws medical professionals from around the globe and is renowned for focusing on revolutionary ideas in medical care.


Source: BreathDX

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