Space Station Tech Behind New Surgical Robot Arm

Canadian medtech company Synaptive Medical Inc., has released Modus V™, its second-generation, high-powered digital microscope. The interesting bit is the system’s surgical robotic arm, which is derived from Canadarm technology used on the International Space Station.


Synaptive Medical says it continually collaborates with leading clinicians and healthcare systems to enable continuous improvement in care delivery in and beyond the operating room. Its so-called BrightMatter™ integrated solutions include surgical planning, navigation and visualization, and an informatics platform. The aim is to deliver the right information to clinicians to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

The company claims its Modus V sets the new standard for robot-assisted neurosurgery with the most powerful optics available on the market that give unprecedented views of patient anatomy and may allow surgeons to perform less invasive procedures with more precision.

For surgeons, Modus V’s advanced instrument tracking with auto-focus, combined with a highly flexible arm, also allows for increased surgical efficiency through hands-free control, better ergonomics during procedures and greater versatility in the operating room. These innovations feed developments in precision medicine by creating more opportunity to capture, analyze and draw trends from patient data and build better decision-making tools for physicians, researchers and hospital administrators.

Company comments

Peter Wehrly, Synaptive’s CEO said, “Modus V is an integral part of our overall BrightMatter surgical solution. Conceptualized for the digital era as a fully integrated set of devices, our solution collects and delivers data—be it imaging, tractography or other patient information—when and where it’s most needed to drive surgical decision making. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to give surgeons the most advanced tools with which to treat their patients.”

Source: Business wire

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