AAOS Sees US Launch Of Orthofix Ankle Compression Nailing and Plating Systems, International Launch Of Galaxy Fixation System. .

In short(ish)

Orthofix International N.V., has announced the full U.S. launch of two differentiated internal fixation repair solutions for the foot and ankle market with the Centronail Ankle Compression Nailing and Contours Lapidus Plating Systems. At the same time it has announced the international launch of a new external fixation system called Galaxy, which is designed for use in temporary and definitive, complex orthopedic trauma applications, where rapid stabilization and fixation is essential.

 Centronail Ankle Compression Nailing (ACN) System

With the U.S. launch of the Centronail Ankle Compression Nailing (ACN) System, Orthofix now has a differentiated solution for hindfoot fusions. This procedure treats patients who suffer from debilitating pain and incapacity as a result of arthritis, trauma, and diabetes. The ACN System fuses up to three joints in order to relieve pain and restore activity.

The ACN System’s unique two-piece targeting assembly allows for screw placement flexibility while ensuring improved stability and simplicity throughout the procedure. In addition, the ACN allows for independently controlled compression of the tibiotalar and subtalar joints. The precision, robustness, and flexibility with respect to this critical aspect of the procedure are unmatched within the industry.

Contours Lapidus Plating System (LPS)

While the ACN System represents the Company’s entry into the hindfoot internal fixation market, the Contours Lapidus Plating System (LPS) focuses on revision procedures and joint fusion in the small bones of the midfoot. The Lapidus surgical procedure is comprised of a tarsometatarsal (TMT) joint fusion to treat patients with debilitating pain and discomfort that typically accompanies hallux valgus (bunion deformities). The Contours LPS incorporates a plate design contoured specifically for the TMT anatomy and the anatomical forces at that joint, which leads to restoration of biomechanical properties and healing.

Galaxy Fixation

This new external fixation system is designed for use in temporary and definitive, complex orthopedic trauma applications, where rapid stabilization and fixation is essential. Galaxy Fixation incorporates a streamlined combination of clamps with both pin-to-bar and bar-to-bar coupling capabilities that provide a complete range of anatomical applications and reduces inventory. It also includes specific units for the elbow and shoulder. While the rigidity and stability allows for use in definitive fixation, the design also addresses the need for rapid stabilization needed for temporary fixation in large trauma centers.

Company comments 

Orthofix’s President and Chief Executive Officer Robert Vaters stated, “The (US) introduction of these two novel technologies highlights the Company’s commitment to the attractive U.S. foot and ankle market. While Orthofix has a strong presence in external fixation, the bolstering of its internal fixation offering along with its regenerative solutions creates an attractive and differentiated value proposition for both orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists.”

On Galaxy Fixation he said; “The introduction of Galaxy Fixation represents Orthofix’s commitment to maintaining its leadership in external fixation in international markets. We are excited to offer this next-generation, modular system that provides multi-functional, fracture management capabilities in both upper and lower extremity applications for our surgeon customers outside the U.S.”

Source: Orthofix International, Businesswire