Vail NIMBY’s Fail To Stop ‘Wet Lab’

In short

Vail Daily has reported that a district judge has given orthopaedic company Arthrex the green light to open a surgical training center in Vail, Colorado in the face of local opposition from residents.

NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard… in case that doesn’t translate

Arthrex manufactures orthopedic products and trains surgeons to install them, using body parts harvested from human cadavers and sterilized. The company is a privately held orthopaedic organisation with training facilities around the world where surgeons train on a variety of surgical procedures. The training requires the use of body parts provided by a medical specialty company. They use joints only, not entire cadavers, according to the company.

The Vail Gateway Plaza Condominium Association asked for and received a temporary restraining order stopping work on a “wet lab” in Vail’s Gateway Plaza, just days before it would have been completed. Attorney Charles Lipcon, president of the condo association, asserted in the lawsuit that the wet lab was not a use compatible with high-end residences and the building’s other commercial uses.

District Court Judge Mark Thompson struck down the temporary restraining order that had blocked Arthrex from finishing construction.

In his ruling, Thompson rejected that argument, pointing out that the space was formerly an OB/GYN office and medical office. Thompson pointed to testimony by local orthopedic surgeon Dr. Peter Millett saying the Arthrex training lab would be cleaner and safer than a medical practice or a restaurant.

Millett has taught more than 200 Arthrex surgical skills classes over the past 10 years at various locations, including the Steadman Clinic and Vail hotels.

“Vail and the rest of the valley has been looking for ways to expand the local economy beyond tourism and real estate/construction”, said Margaret Rogers, Vail Town Council member. Well, this is diversification for sure.

Source: Vail Daily