Q‑Flow™ 2021 Targets Perfect Surgical Site Illumination

Merivaara QFlow_2021

Surgical light technologist Merivaara has revealed its new improved Q-Flow™ 2021 offering. The system has been reformed in key features such as optics, resilience, colour temperature and extended autonomy.


Finnish company Merivaara designed its Q-Flow™ lights to enable surgeons to distinguish more clearly between different tones of tissue colours, and blood.  

Newly announced, the Q-Flow 2021 incorporates a novel green ambient feature. which is known to reduce fatigue during keyhole surgery. Q-Flow 2021 pairs this feature with improved camera image quality and lower reflection. Furthermore, during surgery the enhanced accuracy touch screen interface now enables seamless control of the light and camera during surgery.

In addition new optics deliver an increased depth of illumination, creating a longer, more precise column of light. This in turn easily penetrates deep human cavities such as the thoracic region.

A new low voltage detection feature prevents disruptions to surgery in the event of an outage. Should a mains failure occur, Q-Flow 2021 switches to battery mode and notifies theatre staff. A lamp head battery ensures the light continues to work during electrical blackouts. In practice the light detects lower voltage and adjusts illumination levels to extend the operating life up to 6 hours.

Merivaara’s improved Q-Flow™ 2021 is exclusively supplied by Bender UK in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Company comments

Stephen Coleman, Clinical Sales Manager at Bender UK said: Q-Flow 2021 brings Merivaara a step closer to perfecting surgical site illumination. This light wows every surgical team that uses it.”

Surgical lighting is in a category of its own in the operating room environment. As far back as 2014 we covered the European Commission’s targeting of radical improvement in the performance of surgical lighting and medical video systems.

Source: Bender UK

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