Invuity Showcases Illuminated Spinal Retractor At AAOS


It’s AAOS time, and the world’s biggest Orthopaedic congress and exhibition is always accompanied by a flurry of new product announcements and press releases.  This year’s no exception and here’s some news from San Francisco surgical visualisation company Invuity  about their newest offering the Eigr™ Taylor Retractor System.

The product

The Eigr™ Taylor Retractor System is designed to enhance visualisation and tissue retraction during spinal surgery, including posterior lumbar discectomy and decompression procedures. Invuity’s system integrates the company’s proprietary Eigr™ illumination technology into optimised Taylor retractors, making the anatomy appear brighter and sharper while remaining thermally cool. The system includes six retractors in multiple sizes for varying patient anatomies.

The company claims its highly engineered Eigr™ technology utilises unique optical structures to control light output to a targeted operative space. By directing light from multiple angles and efficiently managing light across a broad output surface, Eigr™ virtually eliminates shadows, back reflection, glare and thermal effects such as overheating. Invuity’s Taylor retractors are also ergonomically designed so that surgeons have greater comfort and maneuverability.

Clinician comments

“I have noted a dramatic improvement in operative field visibility with Eigr technology,” said Dr. James Bruffey, an orthopedic surgeon in La Jolla, California. “I am able to see much better and with more definition, even in deeper incisions. Perhaps most importantly, this technology allows me and my assistant to see clearly without the need for a headlight, which makes me more efficient and improves safety.”

Company comments

“In the past few months, Invuity has launched several key surgical devices incorporating our Eigr™ technology that provide critical value to surgeons by enhancing intra-operative visualization, particularly within less invasive procedures,” said Philip Sawyer, chief executive officer of Invuity. “As a result, interest in our spinal products is growing rapidly.”

Helpfully, Invuity has pointed out that it will demonstrate its illuminated Taylor retractor system throughout the AAOS meeting at its booth (4262).

Source: Invuity