Medical University Accelerator Out-licenses First Device

Spinal surgery device company Amendia has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and sell the Institute for Applied Neuroscience’s (IAN) Sinu-Lok™, a novel replacement for standard rod implants used in thoracolumbar spine surgery.


IAN is a non-profit technology accelerator embedded within the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Department of Neurosurgery in Charleston, S.C. Developed at IAN, Sinu-Lok™ is an innovative sinusoidal curve-shaped titanium rod implant designed to address a challenging issue in minimally invasive lumbar spinal fusion surgeries. The standard rod implant used today has a lordotic curvature that forces the extended screw towers to bump together or even overlap when the construct is tightened down. This puts stress on the construct components, leading to potential false torque and/or false tightening where the screw/rod locking mechanism is not properly engaged and could lead to a loose construct post-operatively. The patented sinusoidal curve shape on Sinu-Lok rods provides an extended range of axial connection between the screw-rod interface when the construct is tightened down, thereby creating divergence of the screw towers versus convergence.

This project is the first medical device product developed and patented by the IAN technology accelerator since it was established in early 2013 at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, S.C.


for IAN

“We are very excited that Amendia recognizes the value of this unique differentiated solution for a real clinical problem in minimally invasive spine surgery and is committing to manufacture and market this procedural solution as soon as possible,” said Ted Bird, Chief Development Officer, IAN. “This first out-license is a validation of our unique innovation incubator / technology accelerator model, demonstrating our ability to transform ideas into valuable healthcare products and make a difference in patients’ lives. We have reviewed over 100 invention disclosures over the past two-and-a-half years and have activated eight projects, six of which are ready for commercial licensing.”

for Amendia

“We are pleased to be the first licensee partner of IAN and will be incorporating the Sinu-Lok technology into our Savannah – T™ Pedicle Screw System as a key differentiator for Amendia in minimally invasive spinal fusion procedures. The technology developed and the model set up by the IAN team at MUSC is a great fit with our mission to exceed surgeon and patient expectations by creating balanced solutions with disruptive technologies for medical devices paired with biologics and instrumentation,” said Jeff Smith, CEO of Amendia.

Source: Institute for Applied Neuroscience

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