First US Hospital to offer Robotic Percutaneous Radiology

robotic percutaneous procedures

Massachussetts’ Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has acquired the XACT ACE™ Robotic System, for use in its leading Interventional Radiology service.


XACT Robotics® is a pioneer in hands-free robotic systems that combine image-based planning and navigation with instrument insertion and steering capabilities.

The company’s ACE is the world’s first hands-free robotic technology to combine advanced image-based procedure planning and navigation with robotic instrument insertion and steering capabilities. This enables radiologists to deliver site-specific percutaneous solutions with accuracy, consistency, and efficiency. This enables physicians to precisely target organs deep inside the body or facilitating the treatment of a disease in a location that is challenging to access.

The system is designed to be compatible with a broad range of imaging modalities capable of delivering various medical instruments to a desired target. Its small footprint and high mobility features enable health care providers to efficiently treat a broad range of patient care needs in multiple areas of the body.

Clinician comments

Dr. Christoph Wald, Chair of Radiology at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center states; “Lahey Hospital & Medical Center chose to lead as the first hospital in the US offering robotic percutaneous procedures with this device.”

Dr. Sebastian Flacke, Chief of Interventional Radiology at Lahey adds; “We have actively participated in clinical research demonstrating the efficacy of XACT Robotic System leading to its approval by the FDA.

“Our input has helped to design technology that offers superior clinical outcomes and to help provide safe, cost-effective, and exceptional care to our community.”

Dr. Flacke has been a consultant and participated in sponsored research with XACTRobotics

Company comments

“The XACT ACE System is poised to elevate percutaneous radiology standards by delivering enhanced clinical, technical and economic value for the healthcare providers and the patients they serve,” Harel Gadot, Executive Chairman, and President, XACT Robotics stated. “We are excited about the recent transaction with a leading institute such as Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, which allows both the medical center and its patients access to our technology and the multiple benefits it will bring them.”

Source: Globe Newswire

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