Influx of UK Digital Healthcare Companies to Arab Health

An award-winning online platform and smartphone app for people with diabetes and software that turns physical and cognitive exercises into video games are two of the UK digital health technologies being showcased at Arab Health 2019.


The global market for digital health was estimated to be worth £70bn in 2016 and is expected to almost double to £150bn by 2020. In the UK, digital health employs over 10,000 people, generating £1.2bn in turnover. Over the last year alone there has been an extra 1,100 jobs created – an increase of 11%.

This year the UK Pavilion – organised by the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) – will highlight a range of ground-breaking UK digital health technologies, reflecting the digital revolution taking place across Britain.

Exhibitors include MIRA Rehab whose medical software turns physical and cognitive exercises into video-games, making therapy easier to follow and increasing patient compliance. The technology aims to motivate people to get better in a faster, easy and fun way. As performance is tracked, the tool is ideal for therapists, allowing them to personalise MIRA to fit their patients’ conditions.

Another technology on display in Dubai, My Diabetes My Way, an online self-management platform. It gives people with diabetes secure access to their own medical records and home recorded data together with tailored information, advice and multimedia education resource access. The product has been developed with input from UK clinicians, technicians, data experts and patients and has undergone extensive user testing and evaluation to demonstrate its clinical impact.

ABHI comments

Paul Benton, Managing Director, ABHI International, said: “There is no doubt a digital revolution is taking place in the UK. We have some of the world’s most innovative digital health technologies being developed and we are delighted to host many of them on our UK Pavilion at Arab Health.”


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