FDA Clears Supersonic Imagine’s New Musculoskeletal and Vascular Ultrasound Probes

It’s RSNA week (Radiology Society of North America), an event at which ultrasound medical imaging company SuperSonic Imagine is touting the FDA 510(k) clearance for two new probes used with its ultrasound machine, the Aixplorer®.


Founded in 2005 and based in the lovely Aix-en-Provence (France), SuperSonic Imagine designs, develops and markets a revolutionary ultrasound system, Aixplorer®, with an UltraFast™ platform that it says can acquire images 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound systems. SuperSonic Imagine’s patented ShearWave™ Elastography system, which runs on the Aixplorer, allows practitioners to view and measure tissue stiffness of up to 800kPa in real-time. These real-time measurements are crucial for monitoring tendinopathies and examining muscular load when the muscle is in use.

The first newly approved device, talked about in the company’s news release is its SHL20-6 probe, a high-frequency transducer shaped like a hockey stick, provides very high resolution images of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. It complements the linear transducer range to provide unrivalled image quality for both very superficial and deep zones.

The second probe cleared by the FDA is the single crystal XP5-1 transducer, which combines high sensitivity and enhanced resolution to visualize very low blood flow—an important feature for optimal transcranial doppler (TCD) and abdominal vascular measurements.

Company comments

Jacques Souquet, founder and CEO of SuperSonic Imagine, notes that the Aixplorer’s musculoskeletal application and hockey stick probe together have “earned very positive reactions from physicians specializing in sports medicine treatment and research.”

 “Transducers like our SHL20-6 and the XP5-1 bring next-level imaging performance to the most difficult cases to image, helping physicians to make better diagnoses with minimal intervention,” Souquet says.

Source: SuperSonic Imagine, PR Newswire

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