Who Wouldn’t Want A Copper Cactus Award?

We don’t normally cover company puff about awards, but as it’s the evocatively named Copper Cactus Awards in Arizona we couldn’t resist. And in any event, SynCardia’s total artificial heart is always newsworthy.

Apple Patents The Rectangle: IP Going A Bit Too Far?

Anyone who’s ever tried to patent protect a medical innovation knows just how tricky it can be to demonstrate originality. Somehow Apple has convinced someone that the rectangle is in some way original. Bonkers.

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Weight Watchers® Research Damns Us “Lazy” Brits

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. We’ve been rumbled by top research group Weight Watchers® which has identified some alarming trends in British society. Well, sort of… I don’t believe a word of it… wonder what’s on TV tonight.

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The Ultimate Medical Device?

Stretching definitions is what we do best, so why not call a helicopter a medical device if it’s an intrinsic tool for saving lives. This interesting piece admittedly leaves too many questions unanswered, but does at least prove that your survival is likely to be 1-2% better if you’re scraped into a whirlybird than a van.