Biotronik’s Baseball “Hall-Of-Famer” Brand Ambassador. It’s Just Not Cricket

In short

In a US press release, ICD and remote monitoring specialist company Biotronik, has announced that baseball legend and Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda has been named Biotronik’s new Brand Ambassador. Lasorda and Biotronik will conduct  a series of educational outreach programs.


Baseball, a game reminiscent of cricket, but considerably shorter, easier and less interesting (well someone has to big up the England’s “other” national game!), lauds its stars like no other sport… except perhaps American football… don’t get me started. If a company finds out that one of the legends of the game has become a beneficiary of its technology therefore, why not enjoy a bit of the limelight, especially if the legend in question is so seemingly impressed with said technology.

According to the press release (‘scuse my ignorance), Tommy Lasorda managed the Los Angeles Dodgers for more than two decades winning two World Series titles. Before managing he played three seasons in the majors, two with the Brooklyn Dodgers and one with the Kansas City Royals. He is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and the first baseball manager ever to win both a World Series and an Olympic Gold Medal. He is reportedly heavily involved in sports, business and charitable work.

The legend that is Tommy Lasorda required a pacemaker in 2011 and together with his physicians a Biotronik device was selected. The company, not wanting to miss an opportunity, has appointed Mr Lasorda as a brand ambassador and he will speak at educational outreach programs on heart health and pacemakers, starting with a pilot program at Scottsdale Healthcare’s Shea Medical Center on March 28th at 5-7:30 PM.

Company comments

“Tommy Lasorda is an on-the-go guy and one of the most beloved personalities in baseball and sports,” said Rex Richmond, VP of Marketing at Biotronik, Inc., USA. “In 2011, when his physicians determined he needed a pacemaker, Tommy and his doctors selected Biotronik’s Evia SR-T pacemaker with Closed Loop Stimulation and Home Monitoring because it perfectly fits Tommy Lasorda’s health needs and lifestyle.”

“When we learned that Tommy was using a Biotronik device and that he credited it with letting him keep his active lifestyle while staying heart healthy we knew we wanted him on the Biotronik Team,” said Richmond. “Tommy has spent years coaching and educating the best in baseball—he’s a born leader and motivator. We’ve asked him to help us educate all Americans who suffer from heart disease and their physicians that you can restore heart health and maintain an active lifestyle with a Biotronik pacemaker,” Richmond added.

Legend speaks 

“I’ve never been a quitter so I wasn’t looking forward to having to slow down now. I needed a pacemaker that could keep pace with me,” said Lasorda. “My doctors explained that my Biotronik pacemaker was not only extremely safe and effective, but that it also has unique features that no other pacemaker has that let me maintain my active lifestyle.”

The Biotronik Evia SR-T pacemaker has Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS), the only FDA-approved sensor that allows the individual’s heart rate to increase appropriately, not only based on physical activity, but also based on acute mental stress. “Baseball fans know I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. My pacemaker’s sensor allows me to feel ‘emotions’—the rush of a tight game, the thrill of a big win,” said Lasorda.

The Evia SR-T also has BIOTRONIK’s Home Monitoring®, the only FDA-approved system that continuously and wirelessly monitors the patient’s heart condition and immediately alerts the physician to any changing situation. “The Home Monitoring system lets me go anywhere, any time—LA, New York, Boston, Arizona, even Japan—and yet still feel safe and secure. I feel like my doctor is with me wherever I go. It’s like travelling with the team,” Lasorda said.

“I feel like my BIOTRONIK pacemaker has given me extra innings—and I couldn’t be happier.”

Note: Subsequent to receiving his BIOTRONIK pacemaker in 2011, Mr. Lasorda has become a paid endorser of BIOTRONIK. His results may not be typical and individual results may vary.

Source: Biotronik Inc.