Evidence-Based Medicine Meets Homeopathy.Scientific Illiteracy Means Homeopathy Wins For Now

Nothing to do with medical devices, but for those with an interest in healthcare and an evidence-based scientific approach to its provision, this story is utterly fascinating. It turns out that two esteemed institutions are behind the NHS’s ongoing provision of homeopathic treatments. Remember this means homeopathic treatment is free at the point of care to UK citizens, despite a complete lack of supporting evidence that homeopathy does anything more than a placebo.

So who are the two supporters (make it 3 if you include the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt)? None other than Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, a man well know for his standing in the scientific community. Well, he talks to plants, so at least someone listens. And the other, is the Department of Health itself.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, you can link here to a fascinating tale, the result of which is that the mumbo jumbo homeopathic “medicines” continue to be available FOC.

What seems to be particularly anachronistic is the DoH’s apparent unwillingness to upset the homeopathic lobby, seemingly preferring the quiet life by avoiding evidence that homeopathy doesn’t work.

Source: DC Science.net