Weight Watchers® Research Damns Us “Lazy” Brits

In short

Weight Watchers® has commissioned research that reveals that a third of British adults admit to being lazy – and would always take the lift instead of the stairs.


The findings, which form the basis of an online infographic, emerged in a study of 2,683 people aged 18 and over and found 32 per cent will always drive short distances, when walking is a viable option.

According to the research, more than half of those polled often duck out of regular exercise sessions in favour of a night on the sofa, and the same number admit they find it hard to motivate themselves to leave the house to do anything once they have returned from work.

Key factors which contribute to Brits leading such sedentary lifestyles include lack of time, long working hours and being too busy. But 33 per cent of people admit they simply can’t be bothered to do anything but relax in their spare time.

Weight Watchers, conducted the research to launch the ‘Move More in May’ campaign which has been launched to encourage Brits to be more active.

We say

Weight Watchers clearly don’t need to state their conflict of interest in all of this. It’s pretty obvious that for some of us the guilt induced by being accused of being bone idle is best addressed by seeking help in the form of a “lifestyle” organisation like theirs.

If one digs into the data one will see it’s not exactly peer reviewable stuff. Apparently we’d rather wait for the next bus rather than run for the current one, scrape our hair back instead of wash it, sleep instead of have sex and shove everything under the bed rather than tidy properly. Who’d want to have sex with that person anyway?

“Incredibly a fifth of Brits do absolutely no exercise at all on any night of the week”

What’s your point?

It’s conjuring up a beautiful picture of slobdom isn’t it?

Source: Weight Watchers, PR Newswire


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