Researchers Develop “Jet Power” Artificial Muscles

Artificial muscle is so much harder to develop than any number of joints or even organs like heart valves. After all, muscles need to be active rather than passive participants in making bodily things happen. A U.S. research team has published its efforts in this month’s Science journal and they sound promising.

Bioprinting Promises 3D Tissue Constructs with Multiple Cell Types and Blood Vessels

Researchers have developed intricately patterned 3D tissue constructs with multiple types of cells and tiny blood vessels. The work could provide tissues that are realistic enough to screen drugs for safety and effectiveness. Ultimately it offers the potential for reconstructive surgery.

Report Points to Potential Impact of BioMimics 3D™ Peripheral Vascular Stent

The UK’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has issued a technical report pointing to the potential for Veryan Medical’s BioMimics 3D™ Stent. It focuses on the potential advantage of a spiral stent that mimics the shape of a native vessel, but being a government body rather ducks the issue of whether it’s any good, leaving us wondering what use this report really is.