Single Use Surgical Aims Targets Global Partnering at Medica 2018

Single Use Surgical – a UK surgical instrument specialist that offers ‘gold standard’ disposable solutions – will be at MEDICA 2018 (12 – 15th November) to raise awareness of its Pulse Lavage kit and the Spackman Cannula.


Single Use Surgical specialises in identifying difficult-to-clean surgical equipment and offers high quality, alternative single use solutions. The argument goes that single use devices help to combat concerns over cleanliness and the cost and inconvenience of reprocessing a reusable equivalent. Single Use Surgical was formed as a direct response to UK hospitals’ concerns over the cleaning practices involving “fine lumen” instruments. The company’s ethos is simple – to produce instruments that are sterile, efficient and manufactured to the highest standards, all carefully designed to put patients first and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Single Use Surgical’s Pulse Lavage kit features a built-in battery pack, which can be easily disconnected for safe disposal, the company claiming this to be an improvement on traditional “hanging” packs. The device includes a controlled pulsed irrigation and suction feature and comes with two additional tips designed specifically for the hip and knee, ideal for a range of applications including Orthopaedic revisions, total joint procedures, trauma and wound care.

Single Use Surgical solutions for Gynaecology and fertility, include the Spackman Cannula. Its ergonomic design featuring a unique self-locking clamp enables convenient single-handed use, whilst ensuring an excellent seal on the cervix thanks to the functionality of the moving acorn.

Today, Single Use Surgical manufactures the world’s largest selection of single use suction devices with its extensive range spanning into many specialities including ENT,Head and Neck, Gynaecology, Laparoscopy, General and Vascular surgery.

The company continues to grow rapidly in many markets around the world and will be at MEDICA 2018 to source new global distributor partners.

Company comments

Export Manager, Michael Denver, said: “We are always looking to expand our partner database and are keen to speak to interested partners at MEDICA 2018. We are fully committed to delivering high quality products, reliability and consist customer service with dedicated product support that global partners, both new and old, require to serve and nurture their markets.

Source: Single Use Surgical Ltd.

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