Poster Points to Improved Lung Function with Pulmonx Endobronchial Valve Therapy

Interventional Pulmonology company Pulmonx points us at a poster about its Zephyr® Endobronchial Valve (EBV). The poster  was featured at the 18th World Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WCBIP) in Kyoto, Japan.


The Zephyr Endobronchial Valve is a minimally invasive device intended to treat patients with emphysema. The therapy involves bronchoscopic placement of one-way valves designed to reduce the hyperinflation in the diseased portion of the lungs of sufferers, thereby improving the ability of the healthier portions of the lungs to function.

The poster presented in Japan is entitled “Long-term outcomes in 35 consecutive patients with emphysema after endoscopic lung volume reduction with Zephyr® valves.”

Interim results of this ongoing study evaluated long-term outcomes after treatment with Zephyr valves in 35 consecutive patients who were followed for a median of 15.8 months, ranging in follow-up from 1-month to 68 months.

The survival rate in the entire cohort was constant at 77.3% at both 15 and 68 months follow-up. In addition, the results showed that patients who achieved atelectasis experienced statistically significant lung function improvement at 1-year which was sustained through subsequent follow-up.

The authors concluded that lung volume reduction using Zephyr valves has an acceptable safety profile and when atelectasis is achieved, significant improvements in Pulmonary Function Tests are observed. This marks the third single center series showing sustained survival rate and significant long-term clinical benefit of the Zephyr EBV therapy.

Investigator comments

Co-author Prof. Christophe Pison, MD, also of CHU Grenoble, Joseph Fourier University, who designed the study and led the team of researchers, stated, “EBV therapy using the combination of Chartis and Zephyr has shown to provide significant long term clinical benefit.”

Source: Plumonx, Business Wire

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