B. Braun expands in Malaysia

B. Braun Medical Industries Sdn Bhd (BMI) is looking into expansion plans to meet the increasing demand in the healthcare market. With the newly acquired 9000sqm land in front of its current premise, BMI’s multi-faceted master plan approach focuses on catering to the growth potential for the next 15 to 20 years.

The Penang State Government gave helpful support to BMI in obtaining this piece of land, locally named “Lebuh Sungai Tiram”. The expansion plans will give much more attention to the architectural design, space utilisation and ecological compatibility rather than only on the functional and increase in capacity. Greater emphasis on green areas, covered walkways with natural air ventilation and a multi-storey car park shows B. Braun’s dedication to the well-being of their employees and the environment.

With these future expansion plans, B. Braun will have an increased manufacturing capacity averaging at 15% per annum for the next 10 years, while providing additional employment opportunities. The increasing use of the state-of-the-art manufacturing technology will also upgrade employees’ knowledge.

B. Braun remains confident with the support from the local state government in providing efficient services as well as ensuring stability of local policy that is conducive for foreign investors. Such partnership is seen in the growth of B. Braun from being a simple workbench to becoming the global production and R&D site for Intra-Venous Access. The Penang plants is recognised by B. Braun Headquarters as one of their worldwide Centres of Excellence.

To date, B. Braun has invested RM1 Billion in providing 4,700 employment opportunities in Penang. The expansion plan will see another RM300 Million invested for next 5 years. B. Braun remains strong in it’s belief of sustainability which relies highly on qualified and engaged employees. As such, providing a conducive working environment has a strong influence over the well being of the employees and future expansions.

Source: www.bbraun.com

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