B Braun; The TRENDsetter for transnasal endoscopy

The endoscope is now widely established in transcranial neurosurgery and in routine application. Neuroendoscopy has become an indispensable standard for both intraventricular and endoscopic assisted indications.

Increasing numbers of publications also bear witness to a strongly growing interest in transnasal endoscopic approaches. With advantages such as improved intensity of light in the deep operating field and an expanded field of vision with direct visualization of the pathoanatomical structures, the TREND is more and more towards transnasal approaches.

However, the demands on a well balanced endoscopy system are very high. Not only must it have outstanding optical qualities, it must also offer well thought-out ergonomics to make the move from microscope to endoscope easier.

At the same time, it should also inspire advanced users to go further, for example with “extended approaches”. Absolutely in line with this TREND, and specially developed for neurosurgery, is Aesculap’s new TRansnasal ENDoscopy system – MINOP TREND.


  • Ergonomic handle design and optimum weight distribution
    offer similar faultless and precise handling as with a micro instrument
  • Optimized suction and irrigation function continuous suction prevents the optic from misting. The trigger-controlled irrigation frees the endoscope from soiling and even provides additional irrigation of the operating field
  • Brilliant newly developed 4 mm optic allows reliable optical control of the surgical dissection
  • Revolvable endoscope shaft with angled optics permits direct visualization of hidden corners of the operating field
  • Slim handle for unimpeded paraendoscopic manipulation
  • Smooth and secure attachment to a holding arm allows fatigue-free working with both hands
  • Lightweight, stable connection to a navigation system permits direct navigation of the endoscope, providing additional safety in the operating field
  • Elongated shaft for perfect visualization of deep structures, especially when using extended approaches to the cranial base

The TREND instruments, available in straight or bayonet form, are specifically designed to complement and complete pleasant and precise operating with MINOP TREND.

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