First EU Implantation of Boston Scientific’s Vitalio™ Sleep Apnea-Sensing Pacemaker

Boston Scientific Respiration Sensitive Pacing ImplantsLast month we covered the EU launch of Boston Scientific’s respiration-sensitive Vitalio™ pacemaker, one of a family of three such devices from the company. Now the first post-launch implantation of the Vitalio device has taken place at a Dutch hospital.


As detailed in our June news item, which can be found here, the Vitalio pacemaker includes AP Scan™ Technology which can help doctors identify patients with severe sleep apnea. Although sleep apnea is one of the most common comorbidities in patients with cardiovascular disease and about 60 percent of these patients suffer, 80 percent of them are undiagnosed. Sleep apnea is associated with risk of atrial fibrillation and to fourfold risk of morbidity and mortality in heart failure doubled.

AP Scan™  allows the medical team to understand whether the therapeutic strategy has a positive effect on sleep apnea by the patient as a whole. Effective treatments are available to reduce sleep apnea and its effects, especially obstructive sleep apnea, a form of the condition which is characterized by interruptions in breathing due to airway obstruction.

Dr. Salah Said, a cardiologist at the ZGT Hengelo Hospital, who performed the first surgery, works with neurologists, ENT specialists and pulmonologists to treat patients with sleep apnea using a collaborative approach.

Physician comments

“The Vitalio device allows us to better understand the health of the patient in terms of sleep apnea,” said Dr. Said. “This device can potentially help us to identify which patients are likely to suffer from sleep apnea and can also help us to understand if the treatment prescribed sleep apnea are effective.”

Company comments

“Boston Scientific is focused on innovation and we are pleased to offer an expanded portfolio for the management of comorbidities encountered in patients with a pacemaker,” said Michael Onuscheck , Senior Vice President and President of Boston Scientific Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Vitalio The device was designed to allow us to offer a range of tools that can help doctors detect comorbidities at an earlier stage. This technology underscores our commitment to help clinicians to enact their patients the care and treatment they need. ”

“In addition to AP Scan, Vitalio monitors the patient’s breathing through features like RightRate ™ and the trend of respiratory frequency to ensure that cardiac stimulation are delivered to the patient when needed and that the frequency appropriate. Vitalio also uses radio frequency (RF), which improves the efficiency in the implementation and monitoring, while allowing the patient to automatically and wirelessly transmit important information about his condition to his doctor. In addition, Vitalio offers MRI compatibility, which allows the patient to undergo MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for other health problems.

Source: Boston Scientific Corporation, PR Newswire