CONMED Announces Full Market Release of the Paladin™ Suture Anchor for Rotator Cuff Repair

CONMED Corporation’s CONMED Linvatec arthroscopy unit announced today the full market release of the Paladin™ Rotator Cuff Suture Anchor System following its preview at the recent Spring Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) Annual Meeting.

The Paladin™ Suture Anchor System provides surgeons a full complement of options for both single and double row repair during arthroscopic shoulder procedures. Pre-loaded on an arthroscopic disposable inserter with two different color strands of #2 Hi-Fi™ High Strength Suture, this system is designed to minimize insertion steps by eliminating the need to drill a pilot hole prior to tapping. Available in 5.0mm and 6.5mm diameter screw-in implants, the Paladin™ anchors are manufactured from CONMED Linvatec’s patented self reinforced 96L/4D Poly Lactic Acid (PLA). SR-PLA copolymer provides high initial strength with optimal bioabsorption characteristics. Consequently, the Paladin™ Anchor maintains its strength throughout the critical healing period and gradually transfers the load to the repair site ensuring the tissue has adequate time to heal and minimizing the effect of stress shielding.

Joseph Darling, President of CONMED Linvatec, commented, “The combination of high pullout strength, ideal bioabsorbable characteristics and a simple two-step technique make the Paladin™ anchor an ideal choice for all rotator cuff procedures. This system will also provide patients with a more stable rotator cuff repair healing process.”

Source:  CONMED

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