CONMED Announces Full Market Release of the Zen™ Wireless Footswitch System

CONMED Corporation announced today the full market release of the Zen™ Wireless Footswitch and adaptor by its CONMED Linvatec arthroscopy unit.

The Zen™ Wireless Footswitch offers reliable wireless operation of CONMED Linvatec powered handpieces with an ergonomic design that provides improved flexibility, efficiency and safety in the operating room. The system uses a low power communications protocol for a highly reliable two-way communication with unmatched control and responsiveness.

The system consists of an adaptor that easily installs into existing CONMED Linvatec power consoles eliminating the need for additional electronics, saving valuable operating room space. The adaptor synchs with the footswitch with the touch of a button and a press of the pedal. The Zen™ does not require a water proof bag, so the foot pedal can be easily placed anywhere in the operating room without the usual challenges of moisture and cord management. The transmitter takes its power directly from the console resulting in an extra long life of the Zen’s standard D cell battery pack.

Dr. Chris Dougherty, of The Agility Center, Bentonville, AR, stated, “I would not consider doing a hip arthroscopy again without this footswitch. The ergonomics and form of this device differentiate it from other corded pedals in the surgical field.”

“Our mission is to provide arthroscopic surgeons with advanced technological solutions that meet their needs in the operating room,” said Joseph Darling, President of CONMED Linvatec. “The Zen™ system is the perfect example of our ability to produce these innovative products.”

The Zen™ Footswitch console controller joins the growing number of products in the CONMED Linvatec Arthroscopy line including the Thorne Chuck™, Advantage™, E9000™, and Pro2000™ brands.

Source:  CONMED

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