Cook Medical’s New LithAssist™ Streamlines Stone Management and Treatment

Cook Medical has a new device which it says simplifies percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) procedures, during which physicians break up and remove large kidney stones, or can use it in the bladder to break up large bladder stones. LithAssist™ combines suction control and provides access for a laser fiber and is the first device globally to provide suction control and laser fiber access.


Estimates suggest approximately 466,000 PCNL procedures are performed globally each year.

Prior to the availability of LithAssist, an assistant would control suction by kinking a tube, similar to how one would stop water flow from a garden hose. According to Cook Medical, its LithAssist brings things up to date, allowing physicians to control suction more easily during the procedure. The ergonomic handle allows the physician to position the laser fiber and suction with one hand. Not only does this synchronize the procedure by giving the physician more control, but it also can free an assistant to help with other aspects of the procedure.

LithAssist works with any holmium laser, so hospitals can use their current equipment and don’t have to purchase any additional capital equipment.

Company comments

“Our goal for this product is to help physicians use their lasers for PCNL procedures in a simple way,” said Jean-Marc Creissel, global leader of Cook Medical’s Urology division. “Streamlined procedures are beneficial for the physician, the hospital and ultimately the patient. This is just one more example of our commitment to solving problems for physicians.”

Source: Cook Medical