Covidien Showcases New Gizmos At 2012 American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress

In short

Covidien is showcasing some of its most innovative surgical products at the American College of Surgeons (ACS) annual clinical congress being held at McCormick Place in Chicago this week. Key featured products include the new Sonicision™ ultrasonic incision and hemostasis device as well as the company’s iDrive™ Ultra powered stapling system.


Sonicision, the industry’s first cordless ultrasonic dissection device, is a hand-held, pistol-grip style, battery-powered surgical ultrasonic device that is indicated for soft-tissue incision and hemostasis. It is used in a wide variety of surgical procedures, including general, bariatric, colorectal, gynecological and urological. For the first time, surgeons have complete freedom of movement in the operating room when applying ultrasonic energy, due to the device’s cordless design. Research shows that Sonicision provides faster dissection through tissue than does the Harmonic ACE™*1 and produces less surgical plume, creating better visibility in the surgical field2. Feedback from surgeons has been extremely positive and continues to build.

Aldo featured is the iDrive Ultra. Covidien says this is the only fully powered reusable endostapler and delivers an unprecedented level of precision in surgical stapling. Compatible with Covidien’s market-leading portfolio of Endo GIA™ reloads with Tri-Staple™ technology, the new iDrive Ultra provides better stability3 and more maneuverability.
Company comments

“We are committed to bringing clinically relevant and economically valuable innovation to the global healthcare marketplace. We are delivering on this promise with the launch of Sonicision and iDrive Ultra,” stated Bryan Hanson, Group President, Surgical Solutions. “Sonicision and iDrive Ultra are unique, first in the industry and will have a significant impact on the way surgeries are performed.”

“We have created a true innovation in the medical device industry with Sonicision,” stated Paul Hermes, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Surgical Solutions. “Covidien has pioneered a game-changer. The device is clinically proven, and the cordless feature is transforming how laparoscopy will be performed in the future. By decreasing the number of electrical cords in the operating room, the new device is safer, more efficient and user-friendly for surgeons, scrub technicians and operating room staff.”

“The iDrive Ultra powered stapler is an important step for endostapling. The device’s one-handed control makes it easier to precisely position the stapler on the target tissue. Also, the system’s consistent firing speed and force provide an optimal method to deploy Tri-Staple™ technology.”


1 When compared to the Harmonic ACE™* as part of a 2010 pre-clinical analysis evaluating the performance of the Sonicision device versus the Harmonic ACE™* on maximum power through 15 cm of porcine mesentery (Covidien test report no. 2-105-10).

2 Kim FJ, Sehrt D, Pompeo A, Molina WR., Comparison of surgical plume among laparoscopic ultrasonic dissectors using a real-time digital quantitative technology. Surg Endosc, 2012.

3 Average 61% reduction in tip travel during firing when compared to Ethicon Endo-Surgery Echelon Flex™* in indicated media, p<0.0005 (Seils D., Tantawy T., Peterson D., Final Report on Results, p. 7, Table 3 (a technical report regarding the final result of a 1 year study focusing on the biomechanical exposures related to laparoscopic stapler use)).

* Harmonic ACE and Echelon Flex are registered trademarks of Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

Source: Covidien, Business Wire