Covidien Targets Accurate Liver Tumor Ablation with Emprint™ System

Covidien plc has unveiled an advanced ablation system that offers physicians predictable results regardless of the target location or tissue type. The Emprint™ Ablation System with Thermosphere™ Technology is designed to precisely heat and destroy diseased soft tissue (including liver, lung and kidney), and non-resectable liver tumors.


Surgical removal of tumors may not be an optimal solution for some patients. As an alternative, liver tumor ablation destroys liver tumors without removing them, but one of the challenges in this kind of surgery remains the accuracy with which tissues can be targeted. Herein lies Covidien’s claim for its Emprint system which provides clinicians three kinds of spatial energy control – thermal, field and wavelength – to create predictable and spherical ablation zones regardless of target location, tissue type, or changes in tissue properties during a procedure.

Covidien’s advanced ablation system can be used in three different procedure settings including non-surgical procedures directly through the skin, minimally invasive surgery and open surgery.

Covidien received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for Emprint Ablation System with Thermosphere Technology in April 2014 and expects to fully launch it in the United States and the European Union during the current quarter.

Company comments

“Covidien is dedicated to improving patient safety and simplifying procedural options, and this innovative technology enables physicians to deliver precise ablation directly to soft tissue, including liver tumors,” said Chuck Brynelsen, president, Early Technologies, Covidien. “By providing predictable spherical ablation zones, this technology gives physicians more choices in terms of approach, further simplifying needle placement and saving planning and procedure time.”

Source: Covidien plc., Business Wire

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