Covidien Redefines Surgical Stapling with New Tri-Staple™ Technology Platform

The new Endo GIA stapling system includes an ergonomically enhanced, lightweight handle designed for precise control. The easy-to-use stapling solution features unique reloads using Tri-Staple technology to deliver outstanding performance across a wider range of tissue thicknesses. The end result is simplified cartridge selection, a new grasping feature for improved tissue maneuverability, advanced compression for increased tissue stability and significantly less force needed for firing.

“One limitation of conventional endoscopic staplers is that the surgeon has to choose from multiple cartridge sizes to ensure an ideal staple line for every type of tissue. Also, significant force has to be applied to squeeze the handle that advances the knife blade in each firing, which can lead to fatigue after several procedures,” said Dr. Aurora Pryor, Associate Professor, Duke University Medical Center. “The new Endo GIA stapling system solves these problems. With a wider range of tissue thicknesses per cartridge, there are fewer reloads to choose from, greatly simplifying cartridge selection. Surgeons also benefit from a tool that is ergonomically optimized. The firing force is so smooth – it feels good in your hands, while still providing great control and maneuverability during advanced laparoscopic procedures.”

“This next generation of the Endo GIA stapling system is an engineering triumph that could not have been possible without the help of surgeons and ergonomics experts who share our vision of creating the best possible operating environment for both patients and surgical teams,” said Bob Desantis, Vice President, Endomechanical and Intelligent Devices Research and Development, Covidien. “We took the best features of our long line of innovative stapling products and went back to the drawing board to design a brand new system that gives surgeons many of the capabilities they told us they needed, as well as several new features that had not been thought possible before.”

Clinical field tests support the use of the new Endo GIA Reloads with Tri-Staple technology and the new Endo GIA Ultra Universal stapler in thoracic, bariatric, colorectal, general, hepatobiliary, urological and gynecological surgery. In addition, as part of its commitment to evidence-based medicine, Covidien is sponsoring clinical trials using the new stapling system, including bariatric and thoracic studies. Covidien plans to present interim and final results from these clinical studies at key conferences throughout the year.

For more information about the Endo GIATM Reloads with Tri-StapleTM Technology & Endo GIATM Ultra Universal Staplersndo GIA, visit the product website.

Source: Covidien

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