Covidien’s Next Generation SuperDimension™ Speeds Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Covidien’s focusing a fair amount of effort on the lung space, having last week announced its sponsoring of the American LUNG FORCE initiative. Now the medtech titan has unveiled a next-generation version of its superDimension™ Navigation System software. The updated software features a more intuitive interface that helps reduce time spent by physicians planning the procedure and enhances the visualization of the airways of the lung.


In its early stages, lung cancer presents few, if any, symptoms, meaning diagnosis for the vast majority of lung cancer patients happens in the late stages. The potential advantage of early diagnosis is that immediate treatment dramatically increases the typical long-term survival rate from 15 percent at 5 years to 88 percent at 10 years.

This is where a system like Covidien’s superDimension navigation system can play a part. It enables a minimally invasive approach to accessing difficult-to-reach areas of the lung, which can aid in the diagnosis of lung disease. Using a patient’s CT scan, the latest superDimension planning software generates a 3D virtual bronchial tree and lets physicians map pathways aligned with the patient’s anatomy to reach pulmonary targets that are used during an electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy™ (ENB™) procedure. This virtual roadmap allows physicians to navigate and steer a catheter to the target quickly and accurately.

Once the target tissue is reached, physicians pass the new superDimension Triple Needle Cytology Brush through an endoscopic catheter to obtain tissue samples from endobronchial lesions, peripheral lung nodules, or lung masses.

Physician comments

“As the number of people with lung cancer increases, the value of effective tools to support the physician in aiding in diagnoses becomes increasingly more important,” said D. Kyle Hogarth, MD, FCCP, associate professor of medicine and director of bronchoscopy at The University of Chicago. “Even a minor shift in finding people at stage 1 or stage 2 may dramatically change the societal impact of lung cancer.”

“Covidien partnered with pulmonologists to redesign the superDimension software and introduce new biopsy tools to improve patient outcomes. This latest version of the superDimension software allows me to find tumors sooner by reducing the case planning time required prior to a procedure, simplifying the navigation process, and enhancing the visualization. The innovative design of the Triple Needle Cytology Brush allows me to capture larger tissue samples, which have the potential to provide more information for the patient’s diagnosis and prognosis.”

Company comments 

“These advanced tools and technologies demonstrate Covidien’s commitment to expanding the specialized lung health products available to pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons,” said Chuck Brynelsen, president, Early Technologies, Covidien. “We continue to create a comprehensive portfolio of instruments and technologies designed to help the physician improve how lung cancer is diagnosed with the ultimate goal of improving patient health.”

Source: Covidien, plc


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