Covidien’s PILLCAM® SB Capsule Endoscope Featured in New Smithsonian Exhibit

We’re MedTech fans, so why not celebrate the fact when a new technology gets itself into the public domain? Covidien’s PillCam® SB wireless capsule endoscope, is now featured in the exhibit, “Tools: Extending Our Reach” at New York’s Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.


It’s a year since Covidien announced it was to acquire Israeli PillCam developer, Given Imaging. Now one iteration of the swallowable capsule-camera is featuring as one of 175 installations highlighting how tools and innovations have extended the capabilities of the human body over the past two million years.

PillCam SB’s (Small Bowel) innovative and patient-friendly design earned it a place as one of the few objects outside the Smithsonian collection chosen for the exhibit. The vitamin-sized, disposable capsule contains a small camera that captures color images of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. LED lights provide illumination and an antenna wirelessly transmits the images to a receiver worn by the patient.

Once the capsule is ingested, patients can return to most of their daily activities as the capsule naturally passes through the digestive system, wirelessly transmitting more than 50,000 images of the small bowel to a receiver worn by the patient. Physicians can review the footage at a later time to identify potential abnormalities.

Visitors to the exhibit (which will be running from December 12, 2014 – May 25, 2015) will be able to learn about PillCam SB’s miniaturized design components and view interactive tables that show animation of how the device measures its speed as it moves through the small bowel providing videos that are sharp and clear for the doctor to view.

Company comments

“When PillCam SB launched in 2001, it allowed physicians, for the first time, to visualize abnormalities such as Crohn’s disease and small bowel bleeding lesions throughout all 23 feet of the small bowel,” said Vafa Jamali, vice president and general manager, GI Solutions, Covidien. “We are proud that today, more than two and a half million capsules have taken physicians through a part of the body that many people long considered to be un-viewable without extreme measures.

“The Smithsonian Institution is acclaimed for its dedication to educating the public about history and innovative cultural advancements and we are honored to have PillCam SB included in this unique exhibit.”

Source: Covidien plc

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