FDA Clears Disposable Feeding Tube Placement Under Direct Vision

bringing direct visualisation to feeding tube placement

Covidien plc has gained U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for its Kangaroo™ feeding tube with IRIS Technology. This first-of-its-kind camera-equipped disposable feeding tube is designed to enhance patient safety by providing visualization for a procedure that is currently blinded.


Feeding tube placement is often done blindly with the attendant risk of misplacement into the patient’s airway, which can potentially cause a punctured lung or even death.

Covidien claims its Kangaroo feeding tube with IRIS technology now gives sight where medical professionals were previously blind. Integrated Real-time Imaging System (IRIS) technology streams a real-time video back to the Kangaroo IRIS monitor, providing visual information that can aid clinicians in identifying key areas of a patient’s anatomy. The system also enables medical professionals to save images from the live stream and make notes associated with the image.

Company comments

“The Kangaroo feeding tube with IRIS technology is truly unique and was built with patient safety in mind,” said Jim Clemmer, president, Medical Supplies, Covidien. “Covidien is an industry leader in nutritional delivery and enteral feeding devices and products such as the Kangaroo feeding tube with IRIS technology are designed to help improve patient outcomes and set new expectations for medical device product safety and innovation around the world.”

Source: Covidien plc, Business Wire  

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