Blue Belt Technologies Adds DePuy Synthes to Navio Knee Robot Roster

As recently as June of this year we covered the news that Smith & Nephew was to enter into an agreement with robotic surgery specialist Blue Belt Technologies, for use of its Navio® Orthopaedic Surgical System during implantation of S&N’s JOURNEY™ UNI partial knee. Now Blue Belt has announced a world-wide commercial agreement with DePuy Synthes to support the SIGMA® HP Partial Knee System, making this the sixth implant system supported on Navio’s open platform software.


Blue Belt Technologies, Inc. tells us it is developing the next generation of “smart” surgical instruments for initial use in orthopedic procedures and then for other surgical specialties including neurosurgery, spinal and otolaryngology. The Company’s Navio® Surgical System incorporates patented technology to provide precise robotic control to surgeons via an intelligent, handheld, computer-assisted bone cutting tool. It claims to provide the surgeon with a layer of safety and enhanced accuracy while performing bone shaping tasks through minimally invasive incisions.

The Navio® Surgical System provides robotic-assistance for partial knee replacement procedures through proprietary CT-free navigation software and a unique hand held computer controlled bone shaping tool. The Navio system brings a high degree of implant placement accuracy along with soft-tissue balancing benefits.

Company comments

“In continuing with our strategy of maintaining an open platform for implants, we are pleased to support and offer DePuy Synthes’ SIGMA HP Partial Knee System on our Navio system,” said Eric Timko, President and CEO of Blue Belt Technologies. “We understand and value that orthopedic surgeons have long standing relationships with implant companies that they wish to maintain. This agreement with DePuy Synthes will expand our reach with Navio and provide a powerful solution to those customers that want a robotic-assisted SIGMA HP Partial Knee for their patients.”

Source: Blue Belt Technologies, Inc., Business Wire

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