Depuy Mitek To Launch Bristow-Latarjet Instability Shoulder System For Treatment Of Recurrent Joint Instability

HOLLYWOOD, FL – May 20, 2010 – DePuy Mitek, Inc., a leading orthopaedics sports medicine company, today announced the upcoming U.S. and European launch of the Bristow-Latarjet Instability Shoulder System, the first instrument set specifically designed to be used in both open and arthroscopic Latarjet or Bristow procedures. The announcement was made here at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA).

Bristow and Latarjet procedures are used to treat recurrent shoulder instability caused by bone loss or soft-tissue damage. The Bristow-Latarjet Instability Shoulder System was developed with orthopaedic surgeon Laurent Lafosse, MD,* a leader in arthroscopic shoulder reconstruction who pioneered the arthroscopic Latarjet procedure in 2003. DePuy Mitek is expected to launch the new system within the next several weeks.

“The Latarjet procedure is an important option for active patients that produces excellent results,” said Dr. Lafosse, Chairman of the Alps Surgery Institute, Annecy, France. “This new instrument set will help surgeons perform the procedure with greater ease and precision and allow a smooth transition from open to arthroscopic procedures.”

The Bristow and Latarjet procedures involve transferring the coracoid graft and the conjoint tendon to the bone-deficient glenoid to create a stable bone-block and prevent further joint dislocation. DePuy Mitek’s instrument set features the Coracoid Drill Guide to help create the optimal location for drill holes into the coracoid graft and the Coracoid Positioning Cannula that holds the graft for more precise positioning of the bone block. It also offers a screw and top hat implant system for more controlled fixation and compression of the coracoid on the glenoid.

The arthroscopic procedure can also help speed recovery for a quick return to high-intensity activities; patients can begin a full range of movements immediately after surgery and return to low-risk sports at three weeks and high-risk sports at six weeks.1 DePuy Mitek will soon begin to offer educational and training opportunities for surgeons interested in all-arthroscopic Bristow and Latarjet procedures.

“Our goal is that this new instrumentation serves the existing and future needs of surgeons,” said Mike McBreen, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for DePuy Mitek. “A surgeon performing an open Bristow or Latarjet procedure today may eventually choose to adopt an arthroscopic approach and our instrumentation, education and training can help him or her do that.”
Source: Johnson and Johnson

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