DePuy Synthes Targets Adult Spinal Deformity with Four New Products

It’s AAOS week, an event that sees DePuy Synthes touting four new adult deformity products as well as a new education offering.


It’s the 81st annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), an annual event that always sees the big guns lining up to show their latest offerings.

From J&J’s DePuy Synthes, come four new products for its spinal portfolio, including the EXPEDIUM® Osteotomy System (pictured) for use during spinal reconstruction and VIPER® Cortical Fix X-Tabs for enhanced fixation in percutaneous surgery. The company also recently added VIVIGEN® Cellular Bone Matrix for the repair or reconstruction of musculoskeletal defects and enhancements to the SYNAPSE™ System of implants and instruments (pictured) designed to provide more surgical options and the flexibility required to accommodate variations in patient anatomy during posterior stabilization of the upper spine.

  • The EXPEDIUM® Osteotomy System is a comprehensive instrument set for facilitating procedures during the most complex portion of deformity correction. The new instruments address osteotomies from a Ponte procedure to a vertebral column resection
  • The VIPER® Cortical Fix X-Tab design offers minimal muscle trauma and built in reduction through a streamlined technique. Furthermore, the Cortical Fix thread form doubles the number of contact points within the pedicle and increases pull out resistance for enhanced fixation.
  • The SYNAPSE™ System uses 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm titanium alloy rods. When combined with the Occipital Cervical Fusion System and the Universal Spinal System or EXPEDIUM Spinal System, constructs can extend from the occiput to the lower spine. The company recently received clearance from the U.S. FDA to market its SYNAPSE Occipital-Cervical-Thoracic (OCT) System with posterior cervical screws, the first time cervical screws have been indicated for use with a screw-rod posterior fixation system.
  • VIVIGEN® Cellular Bone Matrix provides a viable alternative to autograft that delivers all the properties required for bone formation. VIVIGEN, an HCT/P (Human Cells, Tissues, and Cellular and Tissue-based Product), is comprised of cryopreserved viable, lineage committed bone cells within a cortical cancellous bone matrix and demineralized bone. DePuy Synthes Spine and DePuy Synthes Biomaterials have an exclusive worldwide agreement to market and promote VIVIGEN, which was developed by LifeNet Health, a world leader in allograft bio-implants and cellular therapies.

The products are supported by an education platform, which includes tailored curriculum to address learners’ needs and a customized learning experience, which is led by experts in the field of adult education. An advisory board including both orthopaedic and neuro surgeons were brought together to assist DePuy Synthes Spine in the creation of the adult deformity education program.

Physician comments

“As spine surgeons, we are seeing more and more patients who are part of this growing aging spine population who need adult deformity procedures to continue living active lifestyles,” said Robert Hart, M.D., Oregon Health and Science University. “I have been working with DePuy Synthes Spine and other adult deformity surgeons to create an offering that helps surgeons better understand the indications, techniques, outcomes and concerns relevant to treating these patients.”

Source: DePuy Synthes

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