Mitek’s New Cuff Anchor Launched At AOSSM 2013

Mitek Sports Medicine HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS AnchorIt’s sports med week this week, with the annual gathering that is the AOSSM meeting taking place in Chicago. Mitek Sports Medicine, a DePuy Synthes Company, under the wing of Johnson & Johnson, has used the event to showcase its new HEALIX ADVANCE™ KNOTLESS Anchor, a new suture anchor it says is designed to provide optimal knotless fixation for rotator cuff repair.


According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), each year, approximately 200,000 Americans require shoulder surgery related to repair of the rotator cuff. An additional 400,000 Americans have surgery for related rotator cuff tendonitis or for partial tears. Little wonder then that the market is filled with various iterations of anchors designed for purpose, with Mitek’s original offering being the historical daddy of them all.

Things have certainly moved on in anchor and suture design though: By incorporating clever “dual thread” technology the HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS maximizes fixation and pull-out strength in both cancellous and cortical bone. Furthermore its multi-thread design enables fast insertion into bone. Additionally, the device eliminates the need for arthroscopic knot tying.

The HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS Anchors are offered in three sizes, 4.75mm, 5.5mm and 6.5mm and are made of either BIOCRYL® RAPIDE™, a biocomposite material that allows absorption and boney ingrowth at the implant site, or radiolucent polyetheretherketone (PEEK), a biocompatible thermoplastic material. The anchors hold up to six strands of the company’s ORTHOCORD® High Strength Orthopaedic Suture or two strands of high strength tape-suture. The new knotless anchor requires no new instrumentation.

In performance testing(data on file with the company), HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS Anchors displayed higher pullout strength when compared to other knotless anchors tested in the 4.5mm/4.75mm size range, and equivalent performance when compared to knotless anchors tested in the 5.5mm size.

The unique cortical threads and flare of the HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS Anchor allows for cortical fixation of suture to bone, which, according to the company enables more fixation points than other knotless anchors. Other features include an inserter ring that keeps sutures aligned along the shaft and prevents suture wrapping inside the subacromial space and cannula.

HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS Anchors mark the latest addition to the HEALIX ADVANCE™ Family of Suture Anchors, a comprehensive system of rotator cuff anchor and instrumentation solutions available since 2012.

Physician comments

“The HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS Anchor delivers a reliable and reproducible rotator cuff repair solution,” said Thomas Knapp, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon with Santa Monica Orthopedic Group and consultant to Mitek. “The type of repair performed depends on several factors including the size of the tear, individual patient anatomy, bone and tendon quality, and surgeon preferences and repair strategies. In my experience, HEALIX ADVANCE KNOTLESS Anchors are versatile enough to address the wide range of variables a surgeon may encounter and provide a consistent and reliable repair.”

Company comments

“We continue to build on the HEALIX ADVANCE technology platform to offer surgeons innovations that expand their choices, give them greater flexibility in the surgical environment and help them individualize the procedure to the patient,” said Ian Lawson, Worldwide President, Mitek Sports Medicine.

Source: Mitek Sports Medicine