Edwards Lifesciences Acquires Non-Invasive Monitoring Capability

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Heart device company Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, has announced that it has acquired Dutch entity BMEYE B.V. for approximately $42M. BMEYE is a specialist in the development of non-invasive technology for advanced haemodynamic monitoring with an offering which provides continuous, real-time information to clinicians and can be used in the surgical, intensive care, emergency room and cardiology settings.


Haemodynamic monitoring is the measurement of blood circulation and cardiac function that allows clinicians to evaluate whether enough oxygen is being delivered to the tissues. Healthcare providers use this information to detect changes or problems in a patient’s status that will allow for informed, immediate treatment decisions.

Edwards has been developing products and educational resources to help clinicians manage critically ill patients for more than 40 years. Its current product portfolio includes invasive and minimally invasive technologies designed specifically for patients who are critically ill or undergoing surgical procedures. With the addition of a non-invasive platform, the company reckons it will be unique in offering clinicians the broadest range of monitoring products, allowing them to select the most appropriate technology for each patient, and apply this important monitoring to a larger patient population.

BMEYE’s monitoring products work with a non-invasive finger cuff to measure continuous, real-time information on cardiac output, blood pressure, fluid responsiveness and other important hemodynamic parameters.

Currently, BMEYE’s products are approved for sale in the United States, throughout Europe and in several other countries. and while they have primarily been used by clinicians outside the hospitalenvironment, over the next 18 months, Edwards plans to further develop BMEYE’s technology and integrate it into the Edwards EV1000 clinical platform for use in the acute care setting in hospitals.

Company comments

for Edwards

“BMEYE’s unique non-invasive technology platform complements our existing portfolio and will provide clinicians with critical, comprehensive hemodynamic monitoring information for a broader range of patients. Numerous studies have concluded that therapy guided by hemodynamic monitoring improves patient outcomes and reduces complications and lengths of hospital stays,” said Carlyn Solomon, Edwards’ corporate vice president, critical care and vascular. “This acquisition supports our ongoing commitment to build and strengthen our offerings for clinicians and patients, and reinforces our leadership in hemodynamic monitoring.”


Rob de Ree, chief executive officer of BMEYE said, “BMEYE has a solid history of developing innovative hemodynamic monitoring solutions. We look forward to joining the Edwards team to extend the reach of our existing products, and to continue to develop novel technologies to help clinicians and improve patient care worldwide.”

Source: Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, Marketwire