Cordis to Distribute Chocolate®

Last week we covered the news that TriReme’s unique Chocolate® PTA Balloon Angioplasty Catheter was yielding some very positive results in peripheral artery disease (PAD) studies. Now the company, a subsidiary of Singapore based QT Vascular Ltd., says it has signed a broad distribution agreement with Cordis Corporation for the exclusive distribution of the device, with an option for additional TriReme portfolio products.


You can find more about peripheral artery disease and the Chocolate PTA catheter here, but in essence the device’s unique design is based on the limitation of the balloon’s expansion by virtue of a fine metallic cage restraint along its length. This means it will create a uniform luminal opening and, theoretically at least avoid the perils of vessel dissection caused by localised overinflation.

TriReme reckons its new distribution deal will expand its commercial footprint,  at the same time allowing it to focus less on sales and more on its promising development pipeline. While the press release doesn’t explicity say so, we’re assuming the distribution deal is a global one.

Company comments

“Cordis has an unparalleled track record in creating and building new and innovative product categories that have dramatically changed and improved clinical practice. We are honored to partner with Cordis and look forward to our collaboration,” said Dr. Eitan Konstantino, President and CEO of TriReme.

Source: TriReme Medical, LLC., PR Newswire

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