Medtronic awarded $250m damages in patent pcase

Medtronic, Inc. announced that a federal jury found that Boston Scientific Corporation has infringed three patents owned by Medtronic, and awarded Medtronic $250 million in damages.

Medtronic sued Boston Scientific in 2006 asserting that Boston’s Taxus Express2, Express2, Liberte, Maverick, Maverick2, and Quantum Maverick products infringed the Fitzmaurice and Anderson catheter patents owned by Medtronic. The trial began on Friday, May 16, 2008.

The Fitzmaurice patents cover angioplasty catheters with narrowed distal ends, which improve the deliverability of angioplasty catheters. The Anderson patent covers semicompliant angioplasty balloons. The Anderson balloons provide sufficient strength to withstand repeated inflations allowing custom vessel sizing.

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