Medtronic Wins U.S. Stent Graft Patent Case, But Gets Sued For Confusing A University

In short

Medtronic, Inc. has announced that a judge in the Eastern District Court of Virginia last week ruled in Medtronic’s favour in a patent case brought by W.L Gore & Associates, Inc.


The patent in question involved a method of making stent grafts, in which a judge determined that Medtronic did not infringe Gore’s U.S. Patent No. 5,810,870.

That should be good news for the medtech giant, but does land in the same week as the reports that it is being sued by St.Louis University for allegedly using confusing accounting methods to diddle it out of $7 million in royalties for surgical navigation and imaging technology licenses. Quite how confusing the methods were remains to be seen, but it is suggested that the discrepancy comes between paying royalties based on transfer price or end user price… hmm.

Company comments

About the patent infringement case, Tony Semedo, vice president and general manager for the Endovascular Therapies at Medtronic said “We’re pleased with the court’s decision which enables us to continue our focus on advancing the standard of care for the endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms. In that context, respect for intellectual property remains a core principle that we continuously and vigorously defend. ”

Source: Medtronic Inc., MassDevice