Medtronic’s Kyphon Express™ II Increases Vertebral Fracture Treatment Options

Medtronic, Inc. has launched the KYPHON Express™ II Balloon Kyphoplasty Platform, which includes the next generation KYPHON® Cement Delivery System. Medtronic says the new platform is the latest advancement in Balloon Kyphoplasty technology for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures.


Medtronic’s KYPHON® Balloon Kyphoplasty (BKP) is a minimally invasive surgical procedure indicated for treatment of painful vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) caused by osteoporosis, cancer or benign lesions. The therapy aims to reduce and stabilize the fracture, thereby providing immediate and sustained pain relief, improved physical function and better quality of life.

KYPHON® BKP is a percutaneous procedure that involves use of access tools with inflatable bone tamps placed inside the affected vertebral body. Balloon inflation compacts the cancellous bone and pushes the endplates apart. Once the balloons have been removed, the resulting void is filled with viscous bone cement to stabilize the vertebral body. By contrast, vertebroplasty involves insertion of a catheter and injection of liquid cement into the body without creating a cavity for the cement.

The newly launched KYPHON Express II Balloon Kyphoplasty Platform features a maximum pressure rating of 700 psi, providing the treating physician a more powerful option for reducing fractures. The new system also gives physicians the option of using the cement resistant technique, which allows one balloon to remain inflated during contralateral cement fill, helping to maintain the goal of fracture reduction. In addition, this system includes an expanded tools portfolio that is more versatile, allowing for the treatment of a variety of different levels of the spine.

Physician comments

“KYPHON® BKP is a proven therapy that provides numerous benefits to patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures, including long-term maintenance of height restoration” said Dr. Doug Beall, Chief of Radiology Services for Clinical Radiology of Oklahoma. “With the introduction of the KYPHON Express II platform and improved tools like the next-generation KYPHON® Cement Delivery System, physicians can now treat more spine levels by choosing the sizes, length and volume most appropriate for the individual patient’s anatomy and fracture.”

Company comments

“Interventional physicians treating vertebral compression fractures now have more options with our BKP procedure,” said Medtronic Spinal President Doug King. “KYPHON Express II and the next-generation CDS reinforce Medtronic’s commitment to continuously innovating to empower physicians to deliver the best clinical outcomes to their patients.”

Source: Medtronic, Inc.

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