NeuroLogica’s CT Scanner Now Integrated With Medtronic Navigation System

In short

NeuroLogica has announced the integration of NeuroLogica’s portable BodyTom™ 32-slice CT scanner with Medtronic’s StealthStation® S7® surgical navigation system.


Massachusetts-based NeuroLogica Corporation specialises in the design and manufacture of cutting edge imaging equipment that is easy to use and brings the power of imaging to the patient. The company’s BodyTom™ is a completely portable, full body, 32 slice CT that boasts an impressive 85cm gantry and 60cm field of view. The battery-powered BodyTom™ can be transported from room to room and NeuroLogica says its unique capabilities provide high quality CT images wherever needed, including the clinic, ICU, OR and Emergency/Trauma Department.

BodyTom™ is DICOM 3.1 compliant and compatible with all PACS, surgical navigation, electronic medical records, and planning systems.

In a press release issued through Business Wire, NeuroLogica says the BodyTom CT scanner and Medtronic’s StealthStation® surgical navigation system can now work in combination in cranial neurosurgery procedures through the use of Medtronic’s Automatic Intraoperative Registration (StealthAiR™) technology, a fully automatic, universally compatible, patient registration process for sites using intraoperative CT scanners and Navigation.

Company comments

“NeuroLogica is pleased to announce this integration with Medtronic’s StealthStation®,” said Dr. Eric Bailey, President and CEO of NeuroLogica. “As intraoperative imaging becomes a staple in the OR, the integration between BodyTom™ and StealthStation® with StealthAiR™ will serve to enhance patient outcomes and stretch the limits of what was previously thought possible in complex neurosurgical cases.”

Regulatory status

BodyTom™ CT and CereTom® CT are FDA registered and the quality system is certified to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 with Canadian Medical Device Amendments.

NeuroLogica`s BodyTom™ CT and CereTom® CT are CE marked for distribution in the European Union and European Economic Area.

Source: Neurologica Inc., Business Wire