Ex-Stryker Boss Heading Up Infection Control Company

In short

Never heard of sBioMed? Neither had we to be honest, but it sounds like we’ll be hearing more in future. The company, which describes itself as an emerging leader in infection control, has announced that Stephen P. MacMillan, former Chairman and CEO of Stryker, has joined as Chief Executive Officer and become an owner of the company.


With the growing incidence of C. diff and other superbugs, infections are now the fourth leading killer in the U.S., at a cost to the U.S. healthcare system of tens of billions of dollars annually. From January,  costs associated with hospital acquired infections (HAI) will no longer be reimbursed in the U.S., enough incentive to focus minds even further and to seek out solutions. Timed to perfection, sBioMed tells us hospitals currently employing its Steriplex SD have charted a significant drop in HAIs.

sBioMed’s “breakthrough” patented antimicrobial technologies, offer what the company claims to be an unprecedented level of efficacy and safety. The company’s flagship product Steriplex SD is the first and only Clostridium difficile sporicide and broad-spectrum, one-step disinfectant, which is also remarkably safe, completely non-fuming, non-corrosive, and contains no bleach.

The technology is similar to the company’s anthrax remediation product, Steriplex Ultra, the only EPA-registered product available that kills anthrax spores.

Company comments

Brian Larson, sBioMed’s cofounder and chairman, said, “After a decade of research, over 500 studies and EPA-registration, we are excited to enter the full-scale commercialization process. With Steve’s leadership, we can help eliminate Healthcare-Associated Infections globally.”

Mr Mac comments

“It’s rare to find a product with such revolutionary potential,” MacMillan said. “Steriplex SD will save lives, improve healthcare delivery and protect caregivers, while reducing healthcare costs and preserving the environment. I’m also excited about the chance to work with the sBioMed team to build a very special global company based in Utah.”

Learn more about Steriplex on the company’s website, www.steriplex.com.

Source: sBioMed, PR Newswire