Oxtexs Limited appoints Dr Nicholas Edwards

Dr Nicholas Edwards has been appointed chairman of Oxtexs Limited. Dr Edwards qualified in medicine from Oxford University before joining Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in 1986. He spent eighteen years there, including eight as a partner. During this time he was the global leader of its pharmaceutical research and development business. Dr Edwards is also chairman of MedInnovate, and Kinapse, and is an investor and supporter of several life science startups.

Oxtexs was established in 2011 to develop novel and intelligent hydrogel self-inflating tissue expanders. They will be used in scar reconstruction, and for the treatment of congenital craniofacial conditions and limb deformities. The devices will allow surgeons to accurately and predictably control the direction, the timing, and rate of in vivo expansion. This reduces the risk of soft tissue damage and associated complications, meaning that clinicians can treat more cases, at a lower cost, and with better results.

Nicholas Edwards said, “I am delighted to take on the role of Chairman of Oxtexs. This technology has great potential for widespread clinical use in some of the most complex and demanding surgical operations. We are very excited about this technology and are confident that it will lead to big improvements in outcomes for patients.”

The appointment of Nicholas Edwards completes a busy few weeks for Oxtexs which started with CEO David Jackson securing £500,000 of seed funding.

David Jackson said, “It is a great endorsement of the potential of the company that Nicholas has agreed to join the Board of Oxtexs as its founding Chairman. He brings a wealth of experience in early stage medical device companies, and will make a massive contribution to the development and growth of our company.”

Oxtexs is currently establishing clean-room manufacturing facilities to scale-up production, and is in the process of setting-up clinical trials.

Source: Cooper Repco Ltd

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