Remember, Medical Technology Saves Lives

After the increasingly unpleasant exchanges going on over ICD leads, which at the end of the day come down to money, we’re grateful, relieved and not a little elated to be able to cover the story of how Medical Device technology has played a part in saving a young boy’s life.

London’s World-famous Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) has a reputation that goes before it for doing amazing things in the treatment of children’s heart disorders. This one is one such story and can be found in full on GOSH’s own pages, here.

The hospital is reporting that a three year old boy was maintained on an artificial Berlin Heart for what is believed to be a UK record for a child of 251 days before receiving a heart transplant from which he is now recovering well.

The news is of course tinged with sadness, especially for the parents of the donor child. It also brings into sharp relief the chronic shortage of donor organs for children in the UK.

Source: GOSH