PlasmaJet® Named ‘Innovation of the Year’ by the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons

Plasma Surgical Ltd., a global company committed to advancing surgical technology that enhances the care and safety of patients during medical procedures, today announced that its flagship product, PlasmaJet®, has been named an “Innovation of the Year” by the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (SLS). The recognition was presented during the 17th SLS Annual Meeting and Endo Expo 2008 and recognizes the most innovative products of the year that have a multidisciplinary application to minimally-invasive surgery. Accepting the recognition for Plasma Surgical was Professor Nikolay Suslov, chief technical officer (CTO) and inventor of the PlasmaJet.

“Plasma Surgical is pleased to be recognized by the SLS, one of the leading organizations representing surgeons and associated professionals,” said Peter Gibson, chief executive officer (CEO) of Plasma Surgical. “PlasmaJet harnesses aerospace technology and the unique properties of pure plasma to deliver clean, precise surgical cutting and coagulation of tissue and bone. It truly sets a new standard in surgery and is simple and safe compared to existing techniques.”

PlasmaJet is the first and only plasma surgery system offering a new approach to surgical cutting and coagulation. Until recently, electrosurgery-based equipment was the standard used by surgeons to cut and coagulate tissue. Electrosurgery-based equipment cuts and coagulates using electrical currents that flow through patients’ bodies, placing patients at risk for burns, deep tissue damage caused by electrical sparks, and even death from such complications.

PlasmaJet was cleared for marketing in the United States in 2004 for coagulation, and on June 24, 2008, the device received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cutting. PlasmaJet provides a higher standard of care than electrosurgery because it avoids the use of electric currents flowing through patients.

PlasmaJet generates intense energy in the form of pure plasma. The plasma created is released upon contact with tissue and bone in the form of thermal and kinetic energy. Surgeons deliver this energy through a disposable, ergonomically-designed hand piece.

PlasmaJet is ideal for laparoendoscopic surgery because it has a very low gas flow, less than 0.6 I/m, in comparison to the argon beam coagulator, which can use up to 6 I/m. Current applications for the PlasmaJet are in OB-GYN, orthopedic surgery, thoracic surgery, hepatobiliary, urology, general surgery, plastic surgery and many other surgical specialties in which accurate tissue cutting and management of bleeding are vital.

PlasmaJet has already been used in operating rooms at more than 50 different clinical centers in North America, Europe and Russia.


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